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Not as in the quote-un-quote "bad" moms portrayed in that mediocre Mila Kunis film but as in bona fide, bad mothers whose undeniably bad actions caused undeniable distress and damage to their children.

I often hesitate to use words like “good” or “bad” but they exist because we need to use them to describe actions and words and patterns that are just that: BAD. While I am so grateful to have cultivated a trusting and solid relationship with my own mother that is neither ambivalent nor conflicted I know this is not the case for so many of us.


With Mother’s Day right around the corner perhaps the holiday is triggering for those who don’t have a mom to celebrate at all. While this essay doesn’t offer an “answer” for how to move through the challenging day it does convey the wrenching conflict and pain of not knowing how to honor a woman who wasn’t very good at being your mom. For all you mamas who have a bad mom, this essay courtesy of Mother magazine is for you.

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