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No, not those kind of gummies although I’m sure a CBD version is in the works! I already take a laundry list of supplements so the thought of adding yet another pill makes me want to gag. But I could do gummies, especially when gluten, dairy and sugar-free and, ostensibly, delicious. 

8Greens was the brainchild of Dawn Russell, a stage-four cancer survivor on a mission to get all Americans, kids included, to get their daily dose of essential greens without the sugar. I forget that my typical “green juice” is basically another delivery mechanism for sugar—even though spirulina is a whole lot easier to stomach when mixed with a banana and honey. 


Just two 8Green Gummies pack a whopping dose of the following powerhouse essentials: as much vitamin B6 as six cups of spinach, vitamin C as six oranges, vitamin B12 as seven cups of milk (who would ever drink 7 cups of milk?), B5 as, jeesh,15 cups of broccoli and as much Zinc as 3 cups of raw peas! Try putting all that in your shopping cart. So while supplements aren’t intended to substitute the real thing they certainly make the daunting process easier—and for those who cringe at anything cruciferous and green, tastier too.

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