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About TBD Mama


Founded in 2018 by Carrie Rosten, TBD Mama was born out of loss after Carrie's second miscarriage.  Her goal then and now is to educate and empower the entire motherhood journey: the good, the bad and the ugly. 


Why "TBD?" Because this is a community embracing a “to be determined" spirit, both the state of motherhood  collectively and the state of YOU as an individual with a unique identity to pursue. Because this is a place for women to determine their own paths beyond motherhood and celebrate our unpredictable journeys.


Consider TBD Mama your go-to source for mom-first news, community and connection. Whether you’re thinking about becoming a mom, are in the midst of new mama-dom, or are about to have an empty nest, TBD Mama has a story and connection for you.

 Don't be a stranger.  Contact us at 

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