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This week I’ll attend a workshop on creating a “zero waste space” and am simultaneously inspired and daunted. Despite a good heart and lofty intentions I am a waste making machine!

So as I fret over imminent climate change and think about how to reduce my family’s growing carbon footprint, I’m very excited by Converses’ launch of renewable sneakers. While one could argue that going barefoot is the most sustainable choice that person clearly isn’t setting foot anywhere in Manhattan.


These upcoming green releases are both chic and inspiring beginning with the “Renew Canvas,” a reimagined classic All-Star high-top made of 100% plastic bottles! Soles and tongues sport a “Life’s too Short to Waste” slogan and are available either in yellow, white or green. Their Renew Denim line are 100% made of second-hand denim sourced from landfills; no two pairs will look the same. The “Renew Cotton” line is the only one in the collection currently not 100% made of renewables but it is mostly made of Converses’ own leftover canvas material. I never thought it made sense to update my black, classic Chuck 70’s but now there’s a good cause—literally!

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