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The words “boutique” and “kid-friendly” typically don’t go together when searching for a luxe hotel. Although there are huge, very deluxe chains that willingly cater to the under-12 set without a scowl, sometimes you want to stay somewhere a little smaller and unique.

This fantastic list of hotels from Tablet includes stylish options from Miami to Bali that go above and beyond for kids, without sacrificing a decidedly grown-up atmosphere.


The Brach in Paris curates a kids brunch on a separate, all-kids floor, while Anassa in Cyprus offers stargazing outings for minis as they explore the sprawling property styled after a Byzantine Village. Other inspired offerings include pizza making classes in the Italian countryside and whitewater rafting through the jungle in Honduras. Then there’s an entire mini spa in Punta Cana replete with snacks, kid-sized BMX race tracks in the Algarve, and “baby concierges” in Greece particularly attuned to the needy under-one set, and ostensibly, the even needier parents lucky and brave enough to travel the distance!

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