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Not new, but very now, especially with Marie Kondo's delightful show on Netflix that’s inspiring people everywhere to tidy up and let-it-go.

But before you proceed to KonMari your life, one category at a time, Mind Body Green offers some guidance on what not to do before you begin. While the idea of thanking every object before releasing or keeping it may sound bonkers to do with inanimate objects it does work --and cultivates a newfound appreciation for what we choose to keep in our homes, as opposed to our things holding us emotional hostage.


I also like how KonMari asks a simple question: Does it spark joy? Framing the question this way provides a subtle but powerful shift in POV that invites a sense of mindful renewal and expansion rather than painful elimination and loss. Letting go of the old "thing" that no longer serves you, with love, does allow for the new.

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