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What a timely piece given my upcoming event on How to Navigate Work While Parenting: The Great (Im)Balancing Act.

Debunking the myth of “balance” and embracing the truth that there is just no such thing allows us to take a step back and reframe the question. This Atlantic article reminds us of the many good reasons to let go of the old idea that we can have it all, at once, and instead operates from a realistic place that accepts the mess and imperfection.


Instead of “shoulding” over ourselves and insisting we find a way to “dice up vegetables and Instagram toddlers” while also maintaining regular (i.e. busy) work schedules we’d each be better off by letting go of those unattainable goals. That doesn’t mean giving up or giving in it means getting real, which is a really healthy way to approach this whole working-while-parenting-adventure. If we do this then we can set ourselves up to be successful — and dare-I-say-happy! —- as we create a perfectly imperfect type of (im)balance that works for our unique life circumstances and families.

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