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What are you doing this summer? Scheduling multiple activities and/or care for your kids? Scheduling the activity or caregiver’s schedule on top of that?

This quick and breezy read from Psychology Today reminds us that a little bit of free time goes a long way, not only for kids but also for adults! Unstructured free time ignites creativity, which in turn, promotes independence, problem-solving and good old-fashioned fun. Dr. Marty Menko, a psychologist and coach, also notes this, “ Perhaps the most important benefit of child-designed activities is that they’re customized to the child's level of cognitive difficulty, physical activity, and social involvement. That's less likely in a camp or a parent-selected activity.”


Here’s to not making plans; allowing kids just to be kids, and to savoring what for me are the best parts of summer: more sunshine; more freedom; more time to play.

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