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Full disclosure: While violent TV shows, video games and pretend guns were definitely off limits in my childhood home, one of my favorite childhood memories was shooting gi-normous water guns at my uncle’s house whilst squirting or “shooting” my baby brother with abandon. 

I loved everything about it. But that was in the 80s and gun culture was different; not nearly the gross epidemic that it has become. According to the CDC, 51 young adults are struck by a bullet EVERY single day. With those haunting statistics it’s just hard for me to stomach and justify Karuna’s “pretending” to shoot anyone or anything, even if it’s “just with water.”


While there is little science proving a direct correlation between playing with fake guns and actual aggression (so many other factors in parenting and life determine that) I just can’t help but wonder if it’s a necessary toy at all? Love that this Romper piece presents great alternatives including an array of cool hydro balls, splash pads, reusable water balloons and more. Kiddies don’t have to sacrifice any of the fun while parents don't have to accumulate unnecessary agitas over whether or not a water gun is subtly or overtly instilling the concept that shooting people is normal.

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