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For anti-sugar purists, there is no such thing as healthy candy. But for Halloween traditionalists, what’s the holiday without it?

While these options certainly aren’t healthy in a kale-and-celery-juice-kinda-way, many fall under the “ish” category and are ranked by an integrative nutritionist. She lists the top four “worst” candies first including the following full-on sugar bombs: candy corn; hard candies; fruit-flavored chews; and, unfortunately, my personal favorite, white chocolate.


Chocolate is clearly better when it’s dark, even more so when mixed with almonds or pumpkin seeds; Stevia-sweetened gummies are a good alternative to classic Haribos, and low-sugar caramel chewies made with coconut milk offer a sensible dairy-free, lower-sugar substitute. Full list below in Who What Wear.

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