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"When you have too many things, when you're surrounded by too many things, it makes it all the more difficult to understand what's truly important to you," says the guru of tidying, Marie Kondo, as she discusses her first children’s book, Kiki & Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship. 

In this sweet book, a packrat squirrel named Kiki must confront the consequences of hoarding too much stuff. Indeed, it’s preventing her from having fun and space to play with her owl friend Jax, a natural organizer who loves a good home edit.


I can’t wait to read Kiki & Jax to Karuna especially since we’ve been encouraging him to donate toys-slash-crap he no longer uses. While I can’t exactly persuade him to let go of an ancient, mildew-rimmed bath toy by asking, "Karuna, does this ducky spark joy?” he will relate to the animal characters portrayed here. Bonus content at the end: a kid-friendly diagram that positions folding as a fun activity to try after your own messy Kikis have gone at it.

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