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It’s a very good day whenever Karuna eats something in a primary color, particularly green. Thankfully, he will drink a “superman smoothie” if I suggest drinking one is a gateway to superpowers or bribe him with a treat later on that inevitably undoes the benefit of drinking aforementioned smoothie. 


Chef and mom to three, Catherine McCord, is an advocate for a healthy smoothie too, and the culmination of her online “Smoothie Project” has resulted in a bestselling book on all things blended. “The Smoothie Project: The 28-Day Plan to Feel Happy and Healthy No Matter Your Age,” is a mouthful of a title but does proffer a range of highly Instagrammable, and ostensibly healthy, smoothies for the whole fam to love. I can always use a bit of smoothie inspo past the banana, kale and coconut milk mix so I appreciate the foodie nuance of, say, the “Pina Colada” which manages to get cauliflower and collagen peptides into the mix (although I think my four-year-old is covered in the collagen department.) Her take on a “Creamsicle” introduces persimmon alongside carrots, mango and optional immune-boosters like Reishi (an immunity-boosting mushroom) and Bee Pollen. Check out some of her top smoothie ideas below via Mother.

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